Katy Rigler

Katy is the Associate Pastor at St. Barnabas Presbyterian Church in Richardson, TX. She is native Texan, although she grew up ...
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Kelly Staples

Kelly is a life-long Presbyterian who took a detour in the music publishing world before earning her Master's of Divinity ...
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Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith is not a pastor, and has never taken a theology class. He can't speak Greek, or translate Hebrew ...
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Marci Auld Glass ‏

Marci's Blog Page I was born and raised in Spokane, WA, but ventured to the foreign lands of Texas to ...
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MaryAnn McKibben Dana

MaryAnn McKibben Dana - “The Improvising God: God's Work in an Imperfect World” MaryAnn McKibben Dana is a writer, speaker ...
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Matt Kinard

Matt is a nerd with a deep and passionate love of most everything, including but not limited to: church, sports, ...
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Rev. Brent Barry

Brent has two theological degrees (from Austin Theological Seminary and Columbia Seminary), two favorite movies (Shawshank Redemption and It’s a ...
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Rev. Dr. David Batchelder

David is a native Texan, bred in Boston, served almost a quarter century as Presbyterian minister in Pennsylvania before being ...
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Rev. Joe Clifford, D.Min

An ordained minister since 1997, Joe arrived at First Presbyterian Church in December 2006. He graduated from Auburn University with ...
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Rev. Kate McGee

Rev. Kate McGee is the Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Arlington, a multi-cultural church that shares the Living Water ...
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