Last season of Faith on Tap we explored the Prophetic Voice.  What is Prophecy?  How do we discern the call to action?  How is the prophetic voice working in the church today, and what kinds of opportunities does it give us to change the way we go about the business of the Gospel?

Perhaps a good way to start is to learn how other faith traditions in our city interpret and live-out the prophetic voices from their scriptures and in their communities.  What about the Quran inspires a young Muslim woman to live a life of  social activism?  How does the Torah and the Talmud shape the perspective and energies of the Jewish community?  Where does a Bishop of the AME Church turn to shape her mission and the direction of her denomination in the face of tragedy?

This season Faith on Tap will dig deeper into the greater prophetic voice, and explore how it touches every faith and every faithful person in an effort to understand our call and our power to make a change.

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