Winter – Spring 2017

  HAPPY NEW YEAR & Welcome to 2017!! The Spring Line Up is officially UP!! We’re owning up to the fact that we haven’t sought out women’s voices nearly enough in the past. In 2017, we hope to change that. We’re excited to hear how these women are helping to …

Spring 2016

Our Spring 2016 season promises to be an exciting and informative one!

Here’s a sneak preview.

Faith on Tap's 2016 Spring Season
Faith on Tap’s 2016 Spring Season

The Fall 2015 Season

Last season of Faith on Tap we explored the Prophetic Voice.  What is Prophecy?  How do we discern the call to action?  How is the prophetic voice working in the church today, and what kinds of opportunities does it give us to change the way we go about the business …


headerFaith on Tap is a collective of beer-loving Christians searching for God in unlikely places. Faith on Tap (FoT) is a search for divinity in music, TV, movies, art, literature and the routine of everyday life. Once a month, FoT meets to ask challenging questions and explore what it means for people of faith to be relevant in Dallas. We are open to finding providence everywhere while struggling and discovering together.

We believe that in all aspects of life, even in a pub, “All Is Holy”.